Disk Cleaner - Free Your Hard Drive Space App Reviews

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I use it everyday

It’s a real good app that i use everyday to clean my Mac, it’s free and it’s working ! I love it !


This app is so simply to use, and, compared to other applications which make the same thing, this one with an animation which is amusing. And it is too well! Finally, only one button, and you clean your Mac.

easy to use

just a few clicks and then done :-)

Very Fast

Really very fast and funny. I feel very confident when in use.


Fast, quite impressive actually….


My Mac is solely used for running Lightroom and I experience regular and catastrophic crashes related to cache overflow and/or memory leakage. So this app is great to help with regular clean of the cache files. very nice to use. Happy bunny !

easy to use ! and very efficient :)

really cool .. you save space in one click

Click and Go

Very efficient, quick and user friendly.

Fu**** great!

Thats it

So far, so good!

So far, so good. Does what it promises, but doesn’t optmimize that much space. It usually frees 1% of my HD (of the total space).

Great on the first try!

Worked great on the first try, by helping free up 2.2GB, which I badly need to start my morning!


Not much to say, does what it’s supposed to do. It’s quick and easy and well, good!

Excellent app.

I install this app and it did a great job. get 10 gb in 1 minutes.

Great app: quick and simple

Clean simple and efficient

It Works

So far so good. Had it less than an hour but it really cleans and works.

Simple, Efficient

Very easy to use. Downloaded fast and has a clean, crisp design. The 100 custamizable file option is great, but it’s also smart. It does’t list any imporant files that a newcomer would need to worry about deleting. Great pros and newbies a like.

Easy to use and fast — and it works!

I was skeptical about the apps claims. To precursor, Google Chrome on my Mac was infected with a Virus (Safari was not). The upshot is that it slowed down my new iMac immensely. Familiar with this app on Windows, I gave it a try on the Mac. It did everything that it claimed to do and it did so quickly, with miminal intervention or thought on my part. After the cleanup, everything was running smoothly; nothing was affected by the files Disk Cleanup deletes. The system now runs significantly faster after the cleanup. It’s worth the $6.95 paid for the app. I give it five enthusiastic stars.


Really impressive! It took 2-3 minutes and my computer is now free of spyware/viruses!

easiest app ever

great app - fast, easy to use and effective

not bad

so far so good, fast first scan cleaned some space.. i wd say not bad for now,

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